About us

Hi, my name is Patrick Gilbert, President of Torque Snowboards. I would like to welcome you to our website and invite you to take a look at our incredible product line.

I’ve personally been in the snowboarding industry since 1987 where I first fell in love with the sport at Mont Sutton in Québec, Canada.I was lucky enough to witness the beginning of this beautiful sport to where it’s come to today.

In the early days of the sport, snowboarding was seen as a threat to skiing. Skiers did not want to share the mountain with snowboarders or wanted to share the technology they had learned over the years to make higher quality skis. The two sports were really two completely different worlds. As the years moved on and snowboarding became more mainstream the two sports seem to merge to the point where you couldn’t tell a skier from a snowboarder apart if they weren’t riding down the hill or noticing their boots.

The 2 industries started sharing secrets and many ski companies started to build snowboards. Like anything else that evolves, building better and higher quality snowboards came at the price of the consumer practicing the sport. It’s now become almost a rich person sport, meaning if you want decent equipment you need to spend thousands of dollars to purchase it, then still pay for your mountain pass or day tickets that also can be quite expensive.

Here at Torque Snowboards we always put our riders and their wallets first. We firmly believe that riders beginning in the sport or people of higher levels should not have to spend several weeks or months of their hard earned money just to afford a high-quality ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY built snowboard. We are also true believers that the riders should have a chance at earning some extra money while practicing their favorite sport so they can stay on the mountains riding where they belong. Here at Torque Snowboards we made the decision to cut out the middleman and take that money to put back in our riders pockets. That’s where our "AMBASSADOR" program comes in.

As President of Torque Snowboards I am proud to say we are fully committed to helping all snowboarders ride the highest quality snowboards while putting money back in their pockets, no matter age or gender.

From all of us here at Torque Snowboards we look forward to seeing everyone out on the slopes and wish everybody an incredible shredding season.